This blog’s owner (i.e. me) is an aspiring escapee from two decades in the IT field, having finally finished a long-delayed degree in Microbiology in the Summer of 2007.
This blog is an outlet for the owner’s more nerdy interests, particularly non-medical (Applied Environmental and Industrial – when I think of “Food Microbiology”, I am not thinking of spinach) microbiology, computer-nerdity, and general science. Of course, it’s a “personal” blog, so bear in mind that, for example, I’m willing here to wildly speculate about things as I go along, much different from a more formal type of publication.
This means that if you are a potential future employer, scientific-paper reviewer, or otherwise might be someone who might someday encounter me in a more “serious” venue, you should bear this in mind. Just because I might write something like “I think this microbe might be something carried here by a martian meteorite because I swear it abducted me last night and took me up into a teeny-tiny flying saucer” here is not an indication of what might appear in a scientific paper I may author someday…

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  1. Cool blog, although you don’t have enough for my lab work in organic chemestry. I was looking for lewis structure of 2-naphthol, but such a lewis structure should also have all lone pair or single electrons as well. I can’t seem to fin anything on line. If you can help please email me at prayermexcreedence@yahoo.com thank you.

  2. Hello

    What is your email address?

    I am doing some research on audio geotagging, can we converse to share some ideas?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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