“Hooray for me!” or “About Friggin’ Time!”, take your pick.

Still traveling, and don’t currently have an especially good internet connection at the moment. More substantial posts to follow soon, honest, but in the meantime:

The college doesn’t wipe out my login for another week or so, so I was able to get logged into my registration information page. It still lists me as a “Senior”. However, when I have it generate an “Unofficial Transcript” for me, it now has the following before the class listings:

Degree: BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Date: 12/21/07

They don’t send out the actual pieces of paper until March, I’m told, so this is the first direct confirmation I’ve seen that indeed I can not continue to use “but I’m just an undergrad” as a disclaimer in my posts.

Now I just need to decide whether to go to grad school or just become a wealthy industrialist…

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The Author is (currently) an autodidactic student of Industrial and Environmental microbiology, who is sick of people assuming all microbiology should be medical in nature, and who would really like to be allowed to go to graduate school one of these days now that he's finished his BS in Microbiology (with a bonus AS in Chemistry). He also enjoys exploring the Big Room (the one with the really high blue ceiling and big light that tracks from one side to the other every day) and looking at its contents from unusual mental angles.

4 thoughts on ““Hooray for me!” or “About Friggin’ Time!”, take your pick.”

  1. You could become both, you know. Congratulations!! I hope Texas suits both of you. Congratulations to your minister of domestic affairs also!


  2. Well, given that both graduate school and wealthy-industrialism would likely require essentially full-time attention, I probably can’t really do both at the same time. Probably.

    We’re about to make the mad dash back to Idaho to wrap up some things, and while I’m there I’m going to be poking around the internet and around my now-Alma-Mater to see what I can find out about local (to the just-north-of-Houston area) graduate school programs that are available. Assuming I can find something appropriate, that’ll probably be my first choice. At the same time, I’m going to poke around and see who’s doing applied microbial biotechnology research and development (including e.g. breweries and wineries) and see what employment prospects and/or competition are like.

  3. Be careful about that mad dash. Between troopers and weather, you may want to drive carefully.

    Let us know when you get home so we can call to talk.


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