Stir-Fried Random Ep 02:Sex, Violence, and Cinnamon Bears, y’all!

Only about five more days until the next “Giant’s Shoulders” blog carnival. I still need to pick a paper. ARGH!
(UPDATE 20081126: I’ve removed the embedded flash player – it seems to ignore me when I explicitly tell it NOT to automatically start playing rather than waiting until you intentionally hit “play”. Sorry for anyone annoyed by the autoplay. The embedded player will not return until I solve this.)

Meanwhile, here’s this week’s episode of “Stir-Fried Random”, weighing in at a MASSIVE 12 WHOLE MINUTES or so. As before, there’s an “<audio>” tag pointing directly at the Ogg Vorbis audio for those of you running a beta of the Firefox 3.1 series, a recent version of Opera, or (I believe) the current Safari on a system with the Ogg Vorbis Quicktime component installed. There is also the usual embedded Flash®-based mp3 player and direct download links for both versions.

Somebody please let me know if I’m making a fool of myself here… Anyway, here are the show notes:

  • 00:26 Intro Music
  • 01:12 The Emporer Has No Clouds! (“Microsoft Azure[tm]”)
  • 03:20 (This makes more sense if you’ve seen the famous Dancin’ Steve Ballmer video…)

  • 03:54 (The “DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS!” bit is another one from the Steve Ballmer video. Steve Ballmer is Minimally Sane. I think Microsoft® just does that to people.)
  • 04:12 A short lesson in Southern and/or Country-Western Grammar
  • 04:29 (The “Linux Outlaws” Podcast in question may be found here)
  • 05:35 A Country/Western Grammar Quiz
  • 05:46 The U.S. Elects a President from a Historically Denigrated Minority: (An “N-word”)
  • 06:58 I found more evidence of this here at Kotaku
  • 07:50 Biden BAD
  • 08:00 Microbiology Microlecture: SEX! (Microbiologically speaking)
    (The Nerd Word is: “Conjugation”). Also:
    Yeast Sex
    Yeast Herpes
    Yeast Peeing in your Beer
  • 11:22 Exit Music

(If your browser supported the <audio> tag, you’d be able to listen here right in the web page)
Stir-Fried Random, Ep 02 Direct Download (Ogg Vorbis)
Stir-Fried Random, Ep 02 Direct Download (MP3)

(I’ve removed the obnoxious embedded Flash®-based player because it doesn’t seem to honor my command to NOT automatically start playing. It’s SUPPOSED to have stayed silent unless you actually clicked “play”. I’ll leave this off until I find a more reliable way of doing this.)

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The Author is (currently) an autodidactic student of Industrial and Environmental microbiology, who is sick of people assuming all microbiology should be medical in nature, and who would really like to be allowed to go to graduate school one of these days now that he's finished his BS in Microbiology (with a bonus AS in Chemistry). He also enjoys exploring the Big Room (the one with the really high blue ceiling and big light that tracks from one side to the other every day) and looking at its contents from unusual mental angles.

2 thoughts on “Stir-Fried Random Ep 02:Sex, Violence, and Cinnamon Bears, y’all!”

  1. The Flash player wasn’t showing for me, so I clicked on the direct download for the MP3 version, and got this screen:

    Multiple Choices
    The document name you requested (/audio/SFR002.mp3) could not be found on this server. However, we found documents with names similar to the one you requested.

    Available documents:

    * /audio/SFR001.mp3 (mistyped character)
    * /audio/SFR003.mp3 (mistyped character)

    Please consider informing the owner of the referring page about the broken link.

  2. I hate when I do that…

    Okay, fixed it – that should be “SFR002”. The embedded player wouldn’t have been able to load it either.

    Now that the files have the correct name, hopefully it’ll all work now.

    Oh, and the Ogg Vorbis one should be a bit higher quality (despite being essentially the same file size) if you care.

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