Blogspammers are persistent little boogers

Just an observation while I wait for my lunch – I’m getting several obviously-fake user registrations a day here now.  It makes no difference, since registering as a user doesn’t immediately allow mass un-moderated posting, but seeing the stream of notices from the blog IS slightly annoying.

Also, blogspot sucks.  Apparently a few years ago some dork made a “blogspot” theme that hotlinked (idiotically) a blank white graphic on my other webserver.  Why they didn’t just use a background colo I have no idea, but now there is a mass of blogspot blogs in Indonesia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, etc now clogging my webserver’s log with requests for this now-non-existent file.

I need to find a massive site-choking graphic I can redirect them to until they knock it off.  Any suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “Blogspammers are persistent little boogers”

  1. That sort of thing actually would have been my first choice, except that the one element that’s trying to load the linked image as a background is almost never actually displayed on any of the pages I’ve checked (which of course makes this doubly irritating). The only option I have left for punishment is hogging bandwidth until the clueless wonders get around to trying to figure out why their pages take so long to load and fix the friggin’ problem. If they ever do.

    At this point, I may just give in and blow away the “” DNS entry and move the site to “” or something similar. It may be the only way to escape the unwanted (benign but log-clogging and aggravating) attempts to connect.

  2. I had a similar problem with some idiots trying to find an image on my domain after someone (presumably) mistyped a URL somewhere. Luckily for me, though, the file WAS displayed – and it was a .gif file – which is why I uploaded a 300px strobing technicolour nightmare proclaiming “FIX YOUR LINKS, DUMBASS!”

    You could always try redirecting the image url to, I don’t know, or maybe even to or something like that? Pass the buck, so to speak.

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