Exhaustipated, but I’m home

I had to forgo the pleasures of lounging in the hotsprings, due to the excess of time it took to load up Flagella for the trip back and finish running errands. I had to get out of Idaho while the getting was good, as another storm was on the way. Still, the return trip wasn’t a total loss:

FloppyCow gazes from inside Flagella (my car) at the beer I just picked up at New Belgium Brewing Company - La Folie and Frambozen
I managed to score a couple of bottles of La Folie and a six-pack of Frambozen. FloppyCow is jealous. These brews may make a decent relaxative with which to treat my exhaustipation.

I learned a few things playing with my prototype “Where Was I? application for Asterisk. For one thing, I need a longer greeting message, so that my asterisk box will still be listening when my cellphone finally obeys me mashing on its keypad and sends the tones. For another, Suddenlink may be screwing me over on my outgoing data (I’m supposed to be getting 384k outgoing, which ought to be plenty of bandwidth, but strangely enough from outside my VOIP packets are getting completely screwed up. I need to research this to see if it’s really them.) In any case, I had fun playing with it, and now have a better idea of how to (re-)design it for regular use.

Meanwhile, though, now that the car is finally unloaded again it’s time to rest and try to remember everything else I needed/wanted to get done during the holiday break.

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3 thoughts on “Exhaustipated, but I’m home”

  1. It’s a good thing you left this journal entry as I was about to call your “Minister” to see where her wayward husband was. If you look at the webcams, it appears that you left just in time to get home. I assume that the Frambozen is raspberry beer. I hope it was all worth it.


  2. Interesting – looks like Suddenlink is emulating the “Comcast Cares” guy.

    Speed-testing seemed to indicate I’m only getting about 200Kb outgoing (so much for the 80% bandwidth guarantee…) – but even this should be plenty – I’ve tested this system over dial-up before. It SOUNDS like packets are mysteriously being lost when being sent out over the cable, but I haven’t yet had a chance to do a couple of tests to rule out a couple of other possibilities. It HAD occurred to me that since Suddenlink also heavily promotes their own VOIP service that they sell that some sort of deep packet inspection and/or throttling of VOIP packets not originating from Suddenlink’s presumably proprietary service might be taking place.

    I’m very suspicious, but I’m not going to make an outright accusation until I’ve had a chance to do a little more testing.

    How did you even find this post, though, I wonder? At last count, I’ve only got about 15 regular readers, and this blog itself isn’t on a Suddenlink network. Not that I’m complaining (this is an intentionally-public blog after all, and I appreciate the help), just surprised to see an official from Suddenlink responding here.


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