More Lambic pictures

Ah, that’s better – a more traditional heat-fix/simple stain (using Methylene blue) shows my yeast isolates better:

Sally the maybe-Brettanomyces-type yeast
(“Sally”, a yeast that I suspect is a Brettanomyces-type yeast.)

Sam the...Saccharomyces-type yeast?
(“Sam” now looks awfully small…but more experienced observers than I am said that it could actually be a Saccharomyces-type yeast.)

Lucy the possibly-PediococcusI also got two more Coccoid-Cluster-type Gram-positive bacterial isolates. The look pretty much the same under the microscope, though one had gooey wet, slightly larger colonies than the other’s smaller, hard-lump colonies. I see another one of those tetrads in the hard-lump-colony microscope image.

All told, I now have 10 isolates to check out. I’ve been given the go-ahead to try sequencing on the 8 bacterial isolates so hopefully I’ll be able to get a clear identity for Fred, Sid, Lisa, Lucy, BillyBob, JimBob, BettySue, and MarySue. Sally and Sam will have to wait for now, though I’m looking into ways to characterize them, too.

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