Brief post-Hurricane Ike update

Now the T-Mobile cell tower that we were previously using for dial-up internet seems to be offline as well, so for the moment we can only get internet access if we drive to College Station (which we have just done to pick up some more clean-up supplies).

The weather seems to be getting back to a milder theme. It’s even supposed to cool off and be less humid starting sometime tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully there’ll be some time to go paddle out and check out how Lake Conroe handled Hurricane Ike.

Meanwhile, this has royally screwed up the return to Idaho to get things taken care of at House v1.0 there. I’ve had to make some alternate arrangements through some kind folks who are friends of ours up there who are going to be able to keep an eye on the place for us (and for whom I’m very grateful!) until I/we can finally get some time off to get up there in person. I’ll probably get in touch with my employer-to-be and see if I can or should start later this week instead of next Monday as originally planned to leave time for the trip.

More pictures to be posted at some point. Stay tuned (and tell the power and internet companies to get their butts in gear!)

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  1. Glad to hear that you’ve made it! I hope you get your electricity back soon. I know I start to lose it when I don’t have electricity for a mere few hours…

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