Including me! But starting with my websites…

The Minister of Rocktology and I just bought a business, after several years of investigation. This means that among other things, I now need to orchestrate leaving my current job without causing too much disruption (the pay hasn’t been all that great, but otherwise my job of the last three years has been pretty nice, and I don’t want to leave them hanging) and shovelling out the Asylum down here and getting it sold, and then relocating my corpus about 1800 miles from here. At least I’ll be relocating to a place that has actual water, high temperatures below 90°F, and isn’t on fire.

As part of the process, I’m finally getting my servers moved to hosting so that I can stop worrying about keeping a physical machine running and the cable company getting paid an exorbitant fee to allow them to be connected to the internet (and my parent’s ISP persistently dropping my emails, presumably because they assume it MUST be spam if the server is on a cable-modem…buttheads.)

If I’ve done this right, you won’t see this post until I’ve gotten the website migrated to the virtual server at the hosting company (and then you WILL see it.)

Once I’ve got that done, I just need to get my mail server and possibly IM (XMPP) server moved and I’ll be done, and I can decomission the decade-old full-sized computer that’s doing most of my hosting labor, and the crippled laptop that’s doing the rest.

More to follow later.

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  1. on 24 Sep 2011 at 12:12 pmUsing: Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 6.0.2 on Linux Linux Epicanis
    Using: Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 6.0.2 on Linux Linux

    Of course, if I’ve done this WRONG I just posted this to the old server and the new server doesn’t have it, in which case this post will mysteriously disappear when the changes appear…

  2. on 25 Sep 2011 at 2:09 pmUsing: Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 6.0 on Windows Windows 7 Mom
    Using: Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 6.0 on Windows Windows 7

    Congrats!!! Give me a call & tell me all about your plans.

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