“Now I lay me down to bed
Expired JellO I’ve been fed
If I should die before I wake
The cause of death is tummyache

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of this saga…assuming I survive.

UPDATE: Followup is here!

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The Author is (currently) an autodidactic student of Industrial and Environmental microbiology, who is sick of people assuming all microbiology should be medical in nature, and who would really like to be allowed to go to graduate school one of these days now that he's finished his BS in Microbiology (with a bonus AS in Chemistry). He also enjoys exploring the Big Room (the one with the really high blue ceiling and big light that tracks from one side to the other every day) and looking at its contents from unusual mental angles.

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  1. Haha…god, but you’re a riot to read. Here’s hoping you wake up in the morning, would totally suck to have you croak this close to getting your degree! 🙂

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