“Berry-Pomegranate” is the new “Strawberry-Kiwi”. Discuss.

We actually (finally) got power and internet back LAST weekend, but this week’s been too hectic to get back into proper blogging again yet. Spending the day dealing with unexpectedly severe, sudden acute “hay-fever” type symptoms hasn’t helped (fortunately, that seems to be just about under control now, hopefully I’ll be feeling more normal after a decent night’s sleep.)

We did actually get out on the lake for a long lake-spanking session last weekend. I finally managed to get some time to go through the pictures yesterday, so there’ll be another interactive photo-map sometime soon (I hope) – and of course more fermentation.

Meanwhile, is it just me or is “pomegranate” the new “in” flavor, much as “kiwi” was about ten years ago?