Possible audio show, and “ask me anything!”…

You may be wondering where I’ve been. (If not, in order to spare my fragile little ego, please pretend that you were. Thank you.) Well, mostly I’ve been in my car driving to and from my spiffy new job.

This hasn’t left me with much time to blog lately, which annoys me a bit. On the other hand, the commute is long enough that I run out of netcasts to listen to during the week, leaving me with driving time back and forth during which I could conceivably be doing something productive.

For years, I’ve thought about trying to do a “podcast”. I can’t really type on the computer while I’m driving…but I CAN record my voice. I’ve been thinking of recording myself on the drives during the week, then sifting through the recordings for bits that I can convince myself would be of interest to anyone else and assembling them into a weekly show. This wouldn’t actually replace the normal written blog here, but could make it easier to keep up with fresh content more regularly.

I’ve actually got some bits and pieces of audio I made this week as a test, though I haven’t had a chance to finish trying to assemble them yet. (I also made a small bit of audio during this weekend’s paddling expedition, attempting to explore up the San Jacinto river where it feeds into “Lake Stubblefield”, which I intend to try embedding into another interactive map…) Meanwhile, though, I have some bait with which to try to metaphorically hook some of you who might potentially be listeners: Ask Me Anything.

I pledge to come up with some kind of answer for any question that anyone out there cares to ask me.* Assuming anyone besides members of my immediate family are interested, the idea is that I will record the answers and they will in turn become the basis of the inaugural episode of a probably-weekly audio netcast that I am tentatively naming “Oxygen Sucks”. (Members of my immediate family are also invited – but if you guys are the only ones who ask questions, you’ll likely get your answers directly rather than as part of the blog/netcast).

Meanwhile – The Giant’s Shoulders is whizzing back around to smack me right between my Sense of Duty and my Stubbornness. I’ve got about two more days to get a post up for it. Fortunately, I was able to dig up a copy of the paper I wanted to bring up this time around, so I think I’ll make it in time. I’ve had something in every one so far (and in the blog challenge that was its precursor) so I don’t want to give up now

* Limited Time Offer. Some Conditions Apply. See dealer for details.

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The Author is (currently) an autodidactic student of Industrial and Environmental microbiology, who is sick of people assuming all microbiology should be medical in nature, and who would really like to be allowed to go to graduate school one of these days now that he's finished his BS in Microbiology (with a bonus AS in Chemistry). He also enjoys exploring the Big Room (the one with the really high blue ceiling and big light that tracks from one side to the other every day) and looking at its contents from unusual mental angles.

4 thoughts on “Possible audio show, and “ask me anything!”…”

  1. Actually, I had started to wonder if something had happened to you. Good to see you pop your head out!

  2. Thanks! I’m still relatively alive and kind of liking being a Productive Member of Society® again – even if it is distracting.

    The fact that I have less time (but still some!) for written-blogging is the main reason my dreams of being a World Famous “Pod”caster have come back to mind. I’ve got a reasonably good voice, I think, so if I can keep up with it regularly it might be a good thing.

  3. Ask you anything??? ANYTHING??? Okay, what is the symmetry class of a trigonal scalahedron? (I have some nice chemical crystalography books I could lend you if you think it would help…)

  4. “Trigonal Scalenohedron”? You mean like calcite (or siderite for that matter, Ms. Iron Smelting Nerd)?

    Now, see, instead of looking at boring old rocks in college, I spent my time looking at exciting, active microbes. That being the case, I have no idea if you’re looking for an answer like “Hexagonal Scalenohedral” or if you want that funky “(Bar) 3 2m” notation thing, or what?

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